Volunteer Quotes

"Trooper was a natural with the participants and wasn't phased at all by the different behaviors and sounds. He loved it and really made a lot of people's day. He gave several girls kisses when they put their face by his and they loved it so much. It was such a rewarding experience. Thank you so much for the opportunity to get involved with Touching Moments." ~Emily
"There is a woman that is a resident in La Crescent that has never touched/petted the dogs before...but last month, she started to pet Chance.  And this month, she was all over it and even threw the ball for him!  It was awesome to see that our 'therapy' works." ~Sara
'We tend to stay longer and longer as we get to know the people.  It is wonderful to see the smiles and loving pets when Charlie is around.  Thank you for the opportunity." ~Janine



"My dog Mowgli and I absolutely love working with Touching Moments! Not only do I enjoy interacting with people both young and old, I also get to feel true happiness seeing Mowgli's joy. He truly loves being around people, and has always had a deeper connection to those who need it the most. Knowing that Mowgli and I can make a difference in someone's day just by paying them a visit is one of the most rewarding feelings you can get!"~Amber