Maggie, a German Shepard loves playing outside and going swimming. She is a social butterfly and enjoys visiting and relaxing with people. 

Mo is a Toy Poodle, shows in 4-H, and recently started competing in AKC agility trials. He loves little kids and enjoys performing tricks for them including bows, hoop jumps, crawls, spins, weaves, counts, and playing cards! Mo is a very smart dog and likes all the attention he receives from entertaining kids.

Aurora, a Rottweiler, was born in Mexico and loves to run, play, go for walks, and snuggle. Her favorite pastime is to 'shop' for sticks while she is out walking and playing with her favorite Kong Ball toy. Aurora loves to participate in the reading program along with visiting residents.

Lost, a black and white Lab/Border Collie mix, was found as a stray in 2006. His owner took Lost in and gave him the home he had been looking for. He now enjoys getting the attention he deserves and spending hours playing outside and going for walks. Lost made his debut at the Spring Grove health care facilities.

Charlie, a loveable Beagle, was adopted from a facility in Wisconsin by his family in March 2012. Charlie’s favorite game is tug-of-war and going for walks.  He is already popular at the La Crescent ABLE Lancer Home and the residents look forward to many more visits.

Naomi, an American Miniature horse residing at Runaway Ranch enjoys visiting with children. Her calm temperament invites lots of petting and she is just the right size for kids to lead around. Naomi enjoys all the attention and especially likes her long tail and mane brushed.

Emmett is an AKC Champion who retired in 2013. He loves every person he meets: big, small, young or old. Emmett is very fond of treats and being petted and his favorite toy is an equestrian size Jolly Ball.

Joey is a golden retriever mix, and was found on the side of the road near Atlantic, Iowa. He loves people, especially children, and has been visiting preschools since his earliest puppy days. Joey's favorite things to do are hiking, swimming, going anywhere in the car, and chasing balls.  He lives happily with his cat siblings, and thinks he is in charge of them!

Angus was born in Riverside, CA and traveled all the way to come live his family. Since he was a puppy, Angus has had an easy going, loving, laid back attitude and is a AKC Champion show dog. He frequently helps teach school groups about safety around dogs, and will patiently allow dozens of kids to hear his  heartbeat.

Memsie is a pure Pekingese that resides at Runaway Ranch. She is very gentle and loving, and enjoys meeting new people. Memsie is a big hit with the Winona State University student visits as she is the perfect size for cuddling!

Chance was a rescue dog from the La Crescent Animal Shelter.  He is a Golden Retriever and loves to play fetch.  Chance is also very tall for his breed, so this makes him a great therapy dog for our wheel chair friends.  You won't find him too far away from his ball...Have ball, will play!

Chacha loves people and can never get enough attention! She also likes long car rides so she can look out the window. She is a designer dog; her dam was Pekinese and her sire was a Chihuahua. She lives at Runaway Ranch with the horses, alpaca, pot bellies and other animals.

Mowgli (aka Mo) is an English Shepherd mix. He was rescued from the Coulee Region Humane Society when he was 6 months old.  His affectionate and loving nature makes him very popular with everyone who meets him.  He is a regular visitor at Riverfront, Inc.

Lexi was adopted from the Coulee Region Humane Society in April 2009. Lexi enjoys her daily walks and playing with other dogs, as well as listening to children read to her at the Houston Public Library.

Charlie was adopted from the Coulee Region Humane Society in January 2010. Charlie has been paying visits to area care centers and enjoys strutting around at various facilities. Charlie especially enjoys watching the birds in the indoor aviaries at the centers and playing with jingle balls.

Noah is a domestic gray tiger strip cat who was adopted from La Crescent Animal Rescue and was the first participant in the program by paying a visit to La Crescent Health Care residents. Noah enjoys cuddling and purring softly while being petted.

Addy May is a gray tiger/calico mix cat who was offered in a corsage box as a prom gift to her owner. Addy May loves giving kisses and rubbing noses. Addy is very affectionate and enjoys chasing jingle balls.

Starburst is a registered American Miniature Horse. Star joined her family in 2007 as a young filly and made her public debut in the 2009 La Crescent Apple Fest parade representing La Crescent Animal Rescue. Star’s favorite treats include mini carrots and apple slices.



Nigel is an Abyssinian cat.  His owner first realized his gift as a therapy cat when he refused to leave her side during her three months of recuperation after back surgery.  He loves riding in his pet jogger and meeting new people.

Kimber is a Rottweiler. She loves her Beanie baby toys, enjoys playing catch and fetch and loves going camping with her horse friends.  

Teddy is a Shih Tzu mix and loves play ball, go for walks and shake hands. He is friendly to many including his canine partners and he enjoys their company at the dog park. Teddy is popular at the La Crescent Golden Living facility.